5 tips for busy parents to be always there with your children

5 tips for busy parents to be always there with your children

Am I having time enough with my children? This is a hard question to answer but don’t be so hard on yourself. Many parents work and have just a few hours a day to spend with their children. What we’re bringing in this article is not just some ways to spend more time with your child, but also more high-quality time with them.

Having a good time with our children is important for their development and well-being. Instead of worrying about the time we actually spend with our children, check out five tips to take the best of each moment!

Schedule activities

Children do have a schedule too. Classes, homework, camping, soccer team, school assemblies and other activities they enjoy doing. Maybe it’s not possible to do every single activity together but some of them we can put in our own schedule. Cheering them on in a game or helping them on their homework are definitely things our children will value. If you can hardly ever make it, still include it in your agenda to ask about it to them later, it will certainly make them feel appreciated.

Spend time together

This could be playing video games, going to a night walk, taking ice cream at the park, going to the movies or even ordering pizza. It’s important to have some one-to-one time with children, really talk to them and let them know that you want to be closer to them, that you worry and are willing to help them. Family time is very important, so try to get everyone together and spend some great time - without distractions.

Be always there

Most of the parents can’t be full-time with children – and that’s not a problem! If you’re at work when they are waking up or if they’re sleeping when you get home, this tip is one of the most fun and lovely things you can do! Write short notes and drop them on their notebook, record a short video and send it to them or leave it along with their breakfast, draw something and hide at home so they can find, write a short history for them to read when you come back home. These are very great ways to be more present!

Do things together like fixing and cooking

Don’t let these moments pass without your children around you, “helping” you with those tasks. We may spend hours and hours doing those activities, what if your children were with you, helping and learning? You could use this time to talk to them, to teach them new things or even learn more about them! What do they like to eat? Do they know how to fold a shirt? Use this time to get together.

Eat together whenever it’s possible

As long as your schedule allows it, try to get together for dinner. This is the time to talk about the day, the week, know how was their math test, and so on. Don’t forget to take a break on mobile devices at this moment, have real conversations and reconnect with them!

What do you do to spend more time with your children?

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