Unleash all the potential of parental controls with iOS Supervised Mode

Unleash all the potential of parental controls with the iOS Supervised Mode

When talking about remote managing iOS devices – whether in schools, companies, or at home – putting the device into Supervised Mode is key.

Using both the ScreenGuide Parental Control App and Supervised Mode allows parents to have even more control over their children’s digital experience. They can filter what their children are able to access on the Internet, hide and install applications per periods of time, and manage native applications like iMessage – all remotely, of course.

Learn what Supervised Mode is, and how it’s easy to enhance by using ScreenGuide:

What is Supervised Mode?

Supervised Mode – also known as Supervision – is a special mode well-known by schools and enterprises that remotely manage the iOS devices of students or employees.

Basically, Supervision is the procedure provided by Apple that proves ownership over the iOS device. Thus, whoever is managing the device has more control and more possibilities in remotely managing devices and performing restrictive actions.

Is this safe for my child?

Supervised Mode is completely safe! Supervision is a regular process provided officially by Apple to prepare a device for remote management from applications like ScreenGuide.

As we said before, this mode is widely used by schools, districts, and companies to remotely manage devices. If you work in a company that provides you with an iOS device, or your children use an iPad at school, they are probably supervised.

How does Supervised Mode work?

It’s important to know that Supervised Mode can only be activated during the Setup Status, like when the device is brand new. Because of that, the only way to get your device supervised is by wiping it – which means you will need to erase all the information from the device.

Unfortunately, you cannot recover an iTunes or iCloud backup after the supervision process<, because that would restore the Unsupervised Mode of the device from when the backup was made.

A great tip we always share with parents is to review the iCloud preferences of the applications installed on the device. If you allow all your apps to be synced to iCloud, it’s possible to recover them. The same occurs with games if you enable Game Center.

Even though you will not be able to restore the backup, it’s highly recommended to have an iCloud backup done – in case you need to recover some important information.

To supervise your child’s device, you will need a Mac computer and the software Apple Configurator 2, provided by Apple in the App Store. Check out how to supervise your child's device with our Supervision tutorial.

We always recommend parents to supervise their child’s device and empower themselves with ScreenGuide features, including:

Web Filter: limit access to adult content on the Internet. This feature attempts to identify and block content not suitable for children. The algorithm filter is based on adult language, i.e. swearing and sexually explicit language.

Hide Restricted Apps: select applications to be hidden and inaccessible during certain times. This is a great feature to enable when it’s time to study, hiding the games and/or social networks.

Show Only Selected Apps: select applications by hand, and hide any other app not selected. This functionality works very well for devices used by toddlers! You can show only the apps appropriate for their ages, and prevent their access to other apps.

Block iMessage: in the Restrictions tab, select Block iMessage. This will keep your children from spending hours texting when they should be doing homework, studying, or sleeping.

Configure Device Restrictions: by supervising the iOS device, parents are able to set restrictions. These include preserving all content and settings, blocking the apple ID from being changed, blocking erotic content in the iBook Store, blocking modification of the “Find My Friends” settings, blocking the game center, blocking modification of cellular data settings, blocking the passcode change, and disabling installation of new apps.

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