Upgrade to ScreenGuide Premium and get the most of parental controls

Upgrade to ScreenGuide Premium and get the most of parental controls

You can use the ScreenGuide free plan to ensure your child is safely using technology, but you’ll only get the basic features you need. Upgrade to ScreenGuide Premium, and empower yourself to schedule and automate rules – and make monitoring a breeze!

Check out the features available on ScreenGuide Premium:

Monitor all your family’s devices in one single account

You can add up to 10 managed devices into one single account – including the educational iPad they use at school, if it’s managed by Mosyle Manager. Free accounts can only add one device per ScreenGuide family. Subscribe your family to the Premium Plan and monitor all your children's devices.

Schedule when you want to inactivate your child's device

The Schedule mode of the Time-Out feature is perfect to ensure children will have a good night’s sleep – and not spend hours with their device at night. Select the days and times of the week the devices should be inactive.

Turn on app lists only once

Using ScreenGuide Premium, you are able to schedule the application rules you set for your child's device, such as Hide Restricted Apps and Show Only Selected Apps. The parental control will automatically apply the selection you have set at the right time. This way, you’ll be sure your child is only accessing educational apps during homework time – and not spending hours on social media.

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