Digital Parenting Guide: How to monitor your child's educational iPad at home

Digital Parenting Guide: How to monitor your child's educational iPad also at home

Digital devices occupy our lives like never before, and children are interacting with those devices earlier than ever. How to handle all this technology is one of the questions schools and parents are trying to answer.

It’s clearly important to get involved in children’s digital experience, allowing them to get the most of it while minimizing potential risks such as cyberbullying, inappropriate content consumption, overexposure to screens, and so on.

Children’s relationship with technology should ensure they are having fun, but also learning and being safe online. That’s why we are now offering our device management solutions fully integrated: now, schools that use Mosyle Manager to manage Apple devices in the classroom can allow parents to control those devices when the students are at home.

In this guide, we will explain how the integration of ScreenGuide and Mosyle Manager works, and how you, as a parent, can be empowered with ScreenGuide’s great parental control features.

Is your child's device used at school?

If you are reading this guide, your child probably studies in a school that uses the Mosyle Manager platform to manage students’ iPads in the classroom. Provided by Mosyle Corporation, the mobile device management solution Mosyle Manager helps school and district IT managers protect, remotely manage, and set up Apple devices that will be used in academic activities.

With Mosyle Manager, the IT Staff can configure and keep track of every inventory detail in the entire device fleet. Teachers can guide students during class, minimizing distractions and maximizing learning.

Some of the features Mosyle Manager provides to schools are:

How can the integration of Mosyle Manager and ScreenGuide help you?

Also powered by Mosyle Corporation, ScreenGuide is fully integrated with Mosyle Manager. This integration helps parents by allowing them to manage their child's device after school and at home. ScreenGuide Parental Control App empowers parents to get closer to their children's digital experience, protect them from inappropriate content, control screen overexposure at home, and understand what their children are doing with mobile devices.

Check out some great features of ScreenGuide:

Check out the following steps to manage an educational device:

1) Create the ScreenGuide account at

2) Visit on the school-managed device

3) Enter the provided school-code and done!

Important note: As your child’s device is school-owned, all the school’s profiles will continue to be installed on it – and parents using ScreenGuide can only add additional restrictions during the time schedule defined by the school.

What happens if the school does not give parents much freedom to manage the devices?

Parents may not be able to change the selection of the Show Only Selected Apps feature. If you want to manage this, ask the school to allow you to do so during the time your children are at home.

Alternatively, the device may not connect to the Internet outside the school, which means you won’t be able to manage the device. If that happens, contact the school to unlock the Wi-Fi Authentication during the time your kids are at home.

Let us know if you need any help!

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