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Important changes to ScreenGuide you need to know

We are all really excited about Apple releasing the new Screen Time feature as part of iOS 12, introducing a great built-in tool for parents to manage their kids’ iOS devices remotely.

On the other side, at Mosyle (parent company of ScreenGuide) we specialize in helping schools and businesses remotely manage their organization’s devices, achieved by implementing sophisticated tools designed for the enterprise world. These same tools were adapted by us in order to offer some options to parents when managing their children’s devices.

Even considering we achieved a great success with providing parents these tools, we do recognize that Apple's Screen Time feature adopts flows and methods that are more geared towards and will always be more appropriate for end users like you. For this reason, we would like to share with you that starting January 3rd, 2019, ScreenGuide will no longer support the management of family owned devices and will only focus on helping parents manage Apple devices owned by schools while their children are at home.

For the management of family owned devices, we officially recommend using Apple's Screen Time feature. By accessing the following website, you can find great information about all of the tools designed by Apple specifically for families: https://www.apple.com/families/

As a result, ScreenGuide will become a completely free app, and will be accessible to all families whose children are using school owned devices managed by our solutions. For those of you currently using ScreenGuide to manage school owned devices, you will not experience any changes. Better than that, we are planning on introducing exciting new ways for families and schools to share the management of the educational Apple devices.

We appreciate your attention and sincerely thank you for being a Mosyle customer.

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