Parental control app made simple

Set parental controls and configure rules for the safe, fun, and educational use of tablets and smartphones.

Ensure children are creating, connecting, and learning online… in a safe way

ScreenGuide empowers parents to protect their children from inappropriate content, control overexposure, balance the quality and quantity of time spent on digital devices, and also understand what their children are doing with their mobile devices.

Internet filtering to keep your children safe

ScreenGuide Web Filter limits access to adult content through an algorithm filter. Parents can also block access to specific websites, or even hide browsers during certain times.

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Set an app list with only the
best apps for your child

You can create lists with the applications your kids can access or not, providing a high-quality technology experience for them. Schedule periods of time to hide or show apps, controlling how much time your children can watch movies on Netflix or get access to social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Lock the iPad in a single app during homework time

Most schools integrate applications into lessons, so it’s very common for children to need to access those apps for homework. Help your children stay focused during study time and avoid distractions on their iPad by locking the iPad in the app they use to do homework.

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Limit screen time and prevent overexposure

Schedule periods of time to hide applications using the ScreenGuide Parental Control App, and balance the quantity of time your children spend online. Use the Time-Out feature to set a time to lock the phones completely, preventing children from spending hours online – or texting using iMessage or WhatsApp – rather than studying, reading, or sleeping.

The perfect management combination between school and home

The ScreenGuide Parental Control App is fully integrated with Mosyle Manager MDM, allowing parents to manage their child's educational device as needed while they’re at home.

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Parental control app made simple

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