We’re a tight-knit team of dreamers, and doers

Our mission is to empower parents to get the mobile guidance they need for their children improve social, emotional, digital and learning skills.

Mosyle Corporation

Thrive with effective and safe use of mobile devices

Who we are?

ScreenGuide was born in Mosyle Corporation, recognized worldwide for Mosyle Manager, an educational-only mobile device management (MDM) solution designed for schools and districts.

Our products and services have been designed and tested to work in a full-range of technological environments and in support of multiple deployment models (1:1, shared devices, small school pilots, BYOD).

Proven education track-record

Mosyle Corporation has a reputation backed by hundreds of thousands of students and teachers worldwide who use the Mosyle Mobile Learning Platform since 2012. It’s been fun leading the way on mobile device use in the classroom.

Since launching the first Mobile Education Platform until today, we’ve been delivering an exceptional mobile-centric learning experience for teachers and students. Now we offer all this power to parents and their children.

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A brand-new full Mobile Guidance

Mosyle Corporation provides full guidance for children inside and outside the classroom to they get the best part of mobile devices: safely, responsible, educational, healthy and funny. And if your child’s school is using Mosyle Manager, you can easily monitor and manage their mobile devices using ScreenGuide - they're already enrolled and requires no removal of the remote management profile!